Your Website Is Never Finished

It is helpful to remember that a website is never finished (as such.) In fact, you might look at it like this:

  • Stage 1: the website is published and online, ready for visitors;
  • Stage 2: everything that happens after stage 1 (improvements, additions, modifications, more content, iterations, technical updates, etc.)

Like the website you are viewing now, it hit a rough stage 1 point about 5 days ago. It’s alive! And you can browse it. But, it is not finished. It is now in stage 2 (where it will remain for infinity.)

If a website is built and launched (stage 1) but never touched again, it may wither.

The advantage of the way we design and build our dastardly simple websites is they are easy-to-nurture.

So your future self —and whoever works on your website— will thank you 🙂

Quality is more than worth the effort.