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Elegant Human-First Web Design

Dastardly Daring offer a range of different web design services ↓

The Daring Mono

The online flyer ↓

  • One pager only (online flyer!);
  • Content supplied by you;
  • Built on a special one-pager platform

Investment: £299 + £10 /year.

Note: the Online Flyer is perfect for sending traffic to directly (e.g. print advertising.) It is not made for organic ranking. And adding more pages is not practical.

Examples ↓

SEO Add-On

SEO location page ↓

  • Add a service + location page;
  • Search Engine Optimised for your needs;

Investment: £149

Description: when you want your customers to find you in a particular location, have us create a location page for you. The page will be optimised for your service and the location you specify.

If you require a custom quote or you have questions…

Send me an email ↓

Serious enquiries will get a serious reply within 24 hours 🙂

While you’re here…

Let’s look at:

The Dastardly Daring Combo

🔥 Cloud Hosting + FOCUS + DD’s Optimisations = the Dastardly Daring Combo

Further Details ↓

For the detail-oriented reader, here are the specs of this combo package:

Cloud hosting:

  • High-speed VPS server
  • SSD-Based
  • Dedicated Firewalls keep malicious traffic out
  • SSL
  • 24/7 Fast-response Support
  • HTTPS/2
  • Automatic Backups
  • Choice of Hosting Locations

WordPress running Focus:

Forget mobile friendly. Think mobile AWESOME! 😍

The web is a top-down medium and FOCUS nails that job:

  • Golden Ratio Typography
  • Ruthless performance optimisation (super fast)
  • Present your content perfectly for the mobile-first landscape
  • Continuous updates keep the technology running your site current
  • Speed and clarity over fancy and chaos

Your visitors do not care about your design or visual flair. They care about getting what they need quickly and clearly.

WordPress custom caching:

  • This caching plugin is engineered specifically for your server 🔥
  • Page caching
  • Cache Preloading
  • Static Files Compression
  • Images on Request

Note: You are welcome to have your website deployed on a web host of your choice and forgo our recommendation. However, if you also wish to have your site built on a different platform (non-WordPress) or a different WP theme (not on FOCUS,) the price will change because development time will go up.

It’s All About Leverage

If you hire a great programmer, a great server admin, and a great designer, you will have a great website (with an enormous bill to match.)

If you don’t want to budget £10K+ for a simple website project?

Leverage the “work already done” 🤫

Dastardly Daring intelligently leverages great minds from key web technologies to make great websites economical.

We build clean, high-converting websites your visitors want so you get what you want.

Did you know?

Dastardly Daring specialise in typography-oriented designTOD— a reductive approach to web design putting the human first.

When you get a website designed by Dastardly Daring, you get a…

Customer Focused Design

What do you want your prospect or customer to do when they land on your webpage?

  • Wait for your hero image to load?
  • Squint at your tiny font?
  • Browse stock photos?

Probably not!

We daringly asks, “what HAS to be on this page in order to fulfil its PURPOSE?”

This will then inform the design. Everything else is a potential distraction.

We will not make eye-candy for the sake of eye-candy.

We want your prospect or customer to perform your most wanted action on each page of your website. Whether that is to pick up the phone, go through checkout or fill in a form, the primary goal is to remove all the barriers to that happening.

We continually strive to reduce the cognitive load on the web visitor at every stage.

Get a Website and Get Found

A website no one finds is a self-defeating website.

Building a website is only the beginning…

After you have a website, hire us to help you get found:

SEO services →