Slow WordPress Websites

Is Your WordPress Website Slow?

Many WordPress sites today are slow and bloated due to the, “everything but the kitchen sink,” approach to web design.

If you are running a design-heavy theme (e.g. Divi), then your website is s-l-o-w (or not nearly as swift as it could be.)

Business owners today are asking, “how can I speed up my website?” because they are learning how both Google and humans prefer fast-loading pages.

Furthermore, they are learning how page speed affects their bottom line (slow pages = high bounce rate.)

At Dastardly Daring, I specialise in making fast-loading websites.

We make web pages you can load on a slow mobile connection.

Of course, I understand my approach is not for everyone, and this is deliberate.

Not everyone has the stones to run a minimalistic website.

It takes courage to say NO to unnecessary frills.

If you are daring, you are welcome to learn more:

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