Internet Marketing Services

Let’s Build You a Fast-Loading Website, and Help Google Find It!

Serving small and micro-business owners, indi rule breakers, and those who won’t conform.

If you need a website —or a better website— to better align your business to the times we are living in?

Ask me how I can help you.


  1. I build refreshingly clean websites that load in a snap. Learn more about our approach to web design for 2020 and beyond.
  2. I also offer devilishly-good SEO services for micro and small businesses who want to get off the merry-go-round of SEO.

Who Runs This?

Web Design Services

You need a website that works. Not a website that looks like a website, or merely mimics the other sites in your industry.

And, you really should start with a fast-loading website. Whether it’s running on WordPress or any other platform, no one should buy a slow website in 2020.

Dastardly Daring offer:

  1. Mobile-first designs to match our mobile-first world;
  2. Lightning-fast load times to match our “tell me now” demands;
  3. Conversion-focused designs to give you what you want —results— rather than fluff-your-feathers (no flashy design for flashy-design sake.)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Let’s help Google to better understand your web pages, and do it better than your competitors so you enjoy more rewards than they do.

On-page and on-site SEO is Dastardly Daring’s speciality:

  1. Get safe SEO that determines as much as 60-80% of your inbound traffic from Google and other search engines;
  2. Works great for local —including Google My Business— and for national / worldwide;
  3. Starts from only £199 a month

Dastardly Daring is located in Mere and serves clients all over the world.