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Let’s Build You a Fast-Loading Website, and Help Google Find It!

Serving small and micro-business owners, indi rule breakers, and those who won’t conform.

If you need a website —or a better website— to better align your business to the times we are living in?

Ask me how I can help you.


  1. I build refreshingly clean websites that load in a snap. Learn more about our approach to web design for 2021 and beyond.
  2. I also offer devilishly-good SEO services for micro and small businesses who want to get off the merry-go-round of SEO.

Who Runs This?

Web Design Services

You need a website that works. Not a website that looks like a website, or merely mimics the other sites in your industry.

And, you really should start with a fast-loading website. Whether it’s running on WordPress or any other platform, no one should buy a slow website in 2021.

Dastardly Daring offer:

  1. Mobile-first designs to match our mobile-first world;
  2. Lightning-fast load times to match our “tell me now” demands;
  3. Conversion-focused designs to give you what you want —results— rather than fluff-your-feathers (no flashy design for flashy-design sake.)

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Let’s help Google to better understand your web pages, and do it better than your competitors so you enjoy more rewards than they do.

On-page and on-site SEO is Dastardly Daring’s speciality:

  1. Get safe SEO that determines as much as 60-80% of your inbound traffic from Google and other search engines;
  2. SEO that works great, from local businesses —including Google My Business— to national/worldwide;
  3. SEO that is affordable, starting from £199 a month (with no contract!)

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Dastardly Daring is located in Mere and serves clients all over the world.